New Smyrna Fishing is One of the Best Activities and Adventures

You may have traveled to New Smyrna Beach for the pristine beaches and laid back sandy shorelines, but there are so many other outdoor activities offered here in our beautiful city! If you’re looking to go on a New Smyrna fishing trip, then there are plenty of opportunities. We have access to New Smyrna fishing guides and New Smyrna fishing reports to help you map out the best catches. We also know some great New Smyrna fishing charters and New Smyrna fishing guides that will help you out. We know you’re looking to make memories during vacation, and a New Smyrna fishing adventure might just be the key to a fun trip!

New Smyrna Fishing Paradise

Known as a paradise for nature enthusiasts, surfers, and fishermen, New Smyrna Beach is your ideal destination. Laid back communities along the shore offer a peaceful retreat from bustling city life. The charming allure of New Smyrna Beach is truly magical in this day and age. As spring fades into summer, fishing comes alive in New Smyrna Beach. The variety is astounding, including dolphin, tuna, kingfish, sailfish, blue marlin, and wahoo. Trolling, nearshore angling, and offshore deep sea fishing are all popular methods.

New Smyrna Fishing Spots

There are some fishing hubs in New Smyrna Beach that might be worth checking out. Mosquito Lagoon will guarantee some redfish bites, labeled as the redfish capital of the world. Eddy Creek, a small bay on the southeastern side, will offer some protection from the wind as well as black drum during the winter. Tiger Shoals in the central lagoon offers a pole-and-troll zone, while the spoil islands just north of the Haulover Canal offer snook and trout.

New Smyrna Fishing Charters

If you’re looking for a great New Smyrna fishing expedition that will guarantee some epic catches and good times, then consider booking a charter. There are some wonderful New Smyrna fishing charters that will fit your needs. Southwind Charters with Freddie Z is one of our favorite options. The big game sport fishing facilitator offers half-day, full-day, and Gulf stream adventures on 6-passenger private charters. Pastime Princess will have you fishing all day for just $75! With a free rod, reel fishing license, bait, tackle, and fish cleaning, you will have everything provided. The 100-foot-long air-conditioned fishing vessel will go on New Smyrna deep sea fishing voyages or angler roundups. Captain Doug Hicks is another great option, with inshore and offshore experiences available. Running out of Ponce Inlet in between New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach, Captain Doug has over 28 years of experience!

Stay at The Night Swan

After enjoying a New Smyrna fishing escapade, settle back in at The Night Swan. Dock your boat right in front of our bed and breakfast and then enjoy our luxurious, charming amenities. Wake up for some delicious breakfast each morning and fall asleep in our comfortable accommodations each night. We can’t wait to see you on vacation! Download our free vacation guide for more to see and do in the area.