We Know the Best Things to Do at the Marine Discovery Center

The Marine Discovery Center in New Smyrna Beach, FL, not only offers educational programs but also community restoration, discovery eco-tours, and adventure camps. The vision of the Marine Discovery Center is to preserve and enjoy the natural ecosystem. Initiatives chosen to achieve this vision include providing education about wildlife and nature conservation, researching, restoring, and bringing an overall public awareness to the beautiful but fragile natural resource that is appreciated by so many. Here are just a few things that you can enjoy during your visit to the Marine Discovery Center!

Kayak Tours

You can embark on a guided kayak eco-tour from the Marine Discovery Center that will take you down miles of winding backwater, mangroves, and untouched wilderness. There are opportunities for everyone from novice to expert, and your guide and nature expert will help you navigate through some truly beautiful New Smyrna Beach landscapes. From oyster beds to salt marsh creeks, you will experience a variety of terrains. You might also spot some wading birds, such as herons and egrets, as well as some unique plantlife like the sea oxeye daisy and glasswork. Kayak instruction and nature interpretation are included in your marine discovery tours!

Boat Tours

If steering your own ship isn’t quite your thing, no worries! You can participate in one of the many boat tours that the Marine Discovery Center offers. The Dolphin Discovery Tour is a favorite, guiding you through the Indian River Lagoon. This diverse ecosystem is where salt and fresh water collide, bringing a unique landscape that provides sanctuary for many sea creatures. Bottlenose dolphins are one of these sea creatures, as well as manatees, which you might be able to spot chasing podds of baitfish or swimming close to the surface with their newborns! There is also an Island Adventure Tour with a focus on discovering sea creatures such as fish, conchs, sea stars, and horseshoe crabs, with dip and seine nets

Summer Adventure Camps

The Marine Discovery Center offers a great program for kids in the summertime. Summer adventure camps are designed for kids to get a hands-on experience when it comes to island exploration, scientific experiments, fishing, shoreline studies, and field days. These summer camps are divided into a series of age divisions, some including a specific focus. Loggerheads, Leatherbacks, and Mangrove Maniacs are just a few classes!

Florida Master Naturalist Program

You could call this program the summer adventure camp for grown-ups! The Florida Master Naturalist Program at the Marine Discovery Center offers classroom, field trip, and practical experience in a 6-day module. You will learn about the Florida ecology, habitats, vegetation, wildlife, conservation issues, and more. The course is taught over a series of weeks, so you might be able to catch just one during your visit and learn a little more about Florida coastal wildlife as well as environmental ethics and society’s role in preservation!

Marine Discovery Center to The Night Swan

After exploring the Marine Discovery Center, come back to The Night Swan and enjoy the nature along the Intracoastal Waterway in a whole new light. You will wake up rejuvenated, and might appreciate a cup of coffee and our homemade on the porch in one of our rocking chairs even more while looking out at the beautiful wildlife surrounding you!